Connect with people, family, friends, work colleagues

Top Tips - Emotional Balance & Wellbeing

Stress is the ability of the body’s system to adapt and change. When this happens a small amount of stress enhances the body mechanism, mentally and physically, ramping up the appropriate chemical reactions within the system. However, Distress causes the system to collapse, break down and fail. When we are unable to get out of our fight or flight response to a stress, problems then become noticeable both physically and mentally.

  1. Ensure your sleep is both deep and restorative.
  2. Ensure your food and nutrition are optimal for you.
  3. Ensure you are exercising and moving enough throughout your day.
  4. Connect with people, family, friends, work colleagues. Building relationships is very important.
  5. Sounds obvious but, take control of your life, this is very self empowering.
  6. Avoid unhealthy addictions and instead focus on creating healthy lifestyle habits.
  7. Work smarter not harder. Get into the habit of doing what you least want to do first. You’ll feel great when it’s done and out of the way.
  8. Try to be positive and feel gratitude, we often forget about the simple things to be grateful for. In tough times it’s important to remember these.
  9. Definitely make time for yourself to do what you want to do like reading, meditation, running and hobbies.
  10. Practice deep breathing. We all tend to shallow breath so take time in your day to focus on your breathing, taking slow deep breathes as though you are breathing deep into your belly.