True happiness is literally within you

Healthy Habits = Good Health

  • Health
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career/purpose
  • Connection to something greater
Healthy Habits

These are the main areas of your life that mirror whether you are in alignment with the best version of yourself. If one of these is out of balance the others often suffer. Finding balance and a calm equilibrium is key. Your health is your own responsibility, and you can live a life with a glorious sense of increased wellbeing.

Turning on your feel good chemicals
Fortunately there are all natural ways we can use our bodies to feel good, such as exercising and slow, deep breathing, feeding your body nourishing foods that suit you and sleeping well.

Beware of false happiness and highs, shiny new things. Generally acquiring new stuff triggers a little bit of euphoric chemical called dopamine, but as the novelty wears off so does the euphoria. What we tend to label as happiness in these cases is really just a small hit of a feel good chemical. However, if you desire real lasting happiness you need to look beyond external things, because true happiness is literally within you and you can learn to access it any time.

Feel good chemicals include:

Acetylcholine: Your body’s most abundant neurotransmitter. It serves as a natural tranquiliser and inflammation suppressant. It also regulates your arousal response.
Dopamine: A neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres.
Endorphins: Chemicals produced naturally in the body to help manage pain and stress. These neuropeptides are known for a morphine like euphoric effect.
Nitric oxide: Known for it’s anti-inflammatory effect and ability to relax the blood vessels, allowing them to stay wide and flexible increasing blood flow and circulation.
Oxytocin: A social bonding hormone known for creating a feeling of safety, affection, and well-being.

All these chemicals can be effected by the way we exercise, what we eat, and even who we choose to spend our time with.

Tell your mind you are choosing what to eat. Tell your mind you are choosing what you want to do.

If you communicate with your own mind it will start to help you move towards your goals. Update your thinking with self positive dialogue. This is also an important way to balance your immune system and reduce stress from your own repetitive thoughts.

"All that we are, is a result
of what we have thought"